About Taran Rai

Taran Rai

Hello world! 🤖

I am an AI Engineer dedicated to advancing the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare as well as other domains involving human empowerment. My personal mission is to empower individuals and democratise AI, making it accessible to all while prioritising human involvement. I am guided by a human-centric ethos.

My primary research interests revolve around applied AI, with a strong focus on healthcare, and more recently, finance applications. Moreover, I've developed a growing interest in the human-technology interaction aspect of AI, delving deeper into human-centric approaches.

I am also an Adjunct (Guest) Lecturer for AI and AI Programming at the University of Surrey, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, covering the topic of neural networks.

With a career spanning over a decade, I have gained extensive experience as an AI/ML Engineer at Surrey DataHub, a Data Scientist at the Veterinary Health Innovation Engine (vHive), served as a Research Assistant within two university research groups, and held positions as a Loss Data Analyst at a major UK bank and a Project Analyst at a telecoms company. I completed my PhD in AI in Digital Pathology. My PhD research focused on deep learning, computer vision and grading tasks applied to canine sarcoma biopsy images. Additionally, I hold an MSc in Data Science from City, University of London and a BA (Dual Hons) in Economics and Finance from Keele University.

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You can send an email to taranraiml@gmail.com or you can message me directly on the social media platforms below.